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Student Testimonials

From Julie Rockingham

Good Morning Mrs Richards,
I just wanted to let you know that I just took my State Broker's Exam last week and PASSED!!!!! I finished the test in 45 minutes and the Test Admin could not believe it was my first time taking the Exam!
Thank You For Everything!

From Alyxandra Harutunian

I am a licensed real estate agent because of Mrs. Debbie Richards's support and encouragement.  She is indeed one of the hardest working people I have ever met and takes her teaching very serious.  There was no questions I could ask that she did not have the answer.  Mrs. Richards has been a mentor, encourager and one of the best trainer's one could ever imagine.  She is not only an excellent classroom instructor, she really cares and you can feel it.   There is no such thing in Mrs. Richards's vocabulary as I CAN'T!  
Thank you!

From Samaria Palmer-Williams

I was in a previous real estate class but didn't grasp the concept at first.  I took a 3 Week refresher course with Debbie and PASSED my STATE OF ILLINOIS EXAM! Yeah!  I knew every answer to every question on my Exam Smart.  Her class taught me more than one way to learn.  The instructions were broken down just right for a beginner.  The class was taught to understand!  She was available anytime I needed her and answered all of my questions.  We even had a Math Tutor!  I am so glad that I took the refresher course with DRRG.  
Thanks so much!

From Marianne McClendon

I attended the DRRG new agent course taught by Mrs. Debbie Richards and I just want to say that I could have never found a more dedicated instructor. Mrs Richard's passion, for teaching and wanting you to be the BEST AGENT YOU CAN BE is something that I could never have found anywhere else. Mrs Richards has a statement that has stuck with me from the beginning "If you follow the instruction's that I give you, you won't go wrong".


From Antrinita Holley

Ms. Richards not only taught a class that was second to none.  She instilled boldness that I didn't know I had.  Even after I passed my State Exam she became a great encourager and motivator.  She insisted that I go after my dream and make it a reality.  I am a licensed realtor today because of her!

Graduates of DRRG Academy